Coffee, wine and great entertainment at Waltz Astoria
About this Website

Why would we set up a website for a wine bar that doesn’t even exist any more? We’ve been asked this on more than one occasion, and funnily enough, it’s usually by people who never visited the Waltz Astoria. They just don’t understand!

This is not the official website of the Waltz Astoria, but when the opportunity arose for a group of ex-Waltzers to get together and set up this site as a tribute to our favourite venue, we decided it was an opportunity not to be missed. Sadly, between us, we don’t have the capabilities to create our own amazing live event venue, nor could we bake fantastic cakes and cheesecake. But, what we can do, is pay tribute to this place, that kick started the careers of many musicians, comedians, actors and poets, and introduced the local Astoria community to some amazing performing arts.

This venue really was at the heart of the community. Everyone knew it, and people would flock from miles around to visit, to see whatever was on that night. The calendar was always packed full of interesting and varied entertainment events. There was something to see every night, often more than one act would be on each night. You could have a great time at the Waltz Astoria, guaranteed. When we’ve discussed it, everyone has different memories, but they are all good. Some took their older relatives to see a poet and enjoy a cup of fine coffee. Younger Waltzers remember loud and lively rock acts performing. Families could go along and attend the kids sing-a-longs which were a lot of fun and the kids really loved it.

It’s a real shame that this great venue has now closed down, of course all good things must come to an end, but we feel the end came far too soon for the Waltz Astoria. Together, we share a fondness for this place, and so that’s why we set up this website. That’s why we want the Waltz to be remembered.

So… keep on Waltzing everyone!