Coffee, wine and great entertainment at Waltz Astoria
Delicious desserts served at the Waltz Astoria

When it came to desserts, the Waltz Astoria certainly knew what they were doing. Their ‘Sweet Shop’ menu was incredibly hard to resist. It could be a big problem if you visited when you were trying to watch your weight. You might go in just for a coffee, but once you saw those cakes, you simply had to have one! What made it even worse, was that the slices were absolutely huge! They even stated on the menu that one slice was enough to share between two. But what if you were there on your own? You couldn’t not have a slice of cake just because you didn’t have anyone to share it with! It seemed a little odd to offer to share a slice of cake with another lone visitor. So, there was nothing else you could do. You simply had to eat it all by yourself. Somehow it wasn’t too much of a hardship really!

More about the Waltz Astoria cakes...

The carrot cake was one that certainly was filling, and thickly covered with a gorgeous creamy cream cheese icing. Apparently, the Oreo cookie mousse cake was a lighter option. ‘sweet without the guilt’ they said. I’m not entirely how true that statement was. The oreo cookie mousse was light and fluffy, and served on a layer of Oreo cookie crumble. Another popular choice was the peanut butter chocolate layer cake. Beautiful to look at, and even better to eat, this was layer upon layer of peanut butter, chocolate and Reese’s cups.

The red velvet cake was gorgeous to look at, and had a beautiful texture to it. Covered in cream cheese frosting, it was a big favorite. They also offered up a delicious home made pumpkin pie, served with whipped cream and sprinkled with cinnamon.

The most amazing cheesecakes

They also made the best cheesecakes ever! You’d get a huge great big slice and it was always totally to die for. You had several options too. Oh the choices! You could go for original plain New York style cheesecake, chocolate mousse cheesecake or the raspberry swirl cheesecake. They were all good, you just had to try a different one each time you visited.