Coffee, wine and great entertainment at Waltz Astoria
Tasty sandwiches served at the Waltz Astoria

Often overlooked, in favour of a glass of wine or a coffee, the menu at Waltz Astoria was pretty special. If you ever went to the Waltz Astoria and didn’t try one of the simple yet delicious, then we’re afraid you really did miss out!

They had of course, plenty of scrumptious desserts, so a sandwich was all you needed for a main course. Especially if there was a great music act on and you wanted to get up and have a dance!

For a main course, you could choose from a delicious selection of sandwiches. It was all about simplicity with the sandwich menu at Waltz Astoria. The ingredients were chosen for their flavor and they were allowed to shine, without being smothered in loads of other ingredients, a mistake many restaurants and cafes make, in an attempt to make their menu sound exotic, exciting and a little different. You knew where you were with the Waltz Astoria menu. Simple, wholesome, nutritious sandwiches that really hit the spot. Nothing fancy, just comforting food. The portions were also very good. The bread was thickly sliced and packed full with your chosen filling.

The delicous oven roasted turkey sandwich was a true delight, served on whole grain bread with muenster cheese and pesto. The honey smoked ham sandwich was a real treat, served simply, with cheddar and dijon mustard on whole grain bread. The chicken salad sandwich had a sweet finish, made with pecans, honey and cranberry, with cucumber, on whole grain bread. This was pretty special and had a unique flavor with that honey added in there. Vegetarians could opt for the guacamole sandwich. This was served on whole grain bread with cheddar cheese and cucumber. Love peanut butter? Then the creamy peanut sandwich was a must. Peanut butter and grape jelly on whole grain bread. A true classic. For those with a sweet tooth there was also the Nutella sandwich, whole grain bread smothered in Nutella with added banana and a sprinkle of cinnamon. This sandwich was more of a dessert than a main course and was a massive hit with the kids.